Microsoft announces 15 security updates due next tuesday

/ 6 years ago

Microsoft has announced that next week on Tuesday the 14th there will be a substantial number of patches bringing important updates to programs like:

  • Windows 7, XP, Vista and Server 2008.
  • Microsoft Office
  • Office Web Apps
  • SharePoint Server
  • Groove Server
  • SharePoint Services
  • SharePoint Foundation

Of the 15 updates 5 are classified as important which is one notch below the “Critical” rank on Microsoft’s update priority levels. The updates are to prevent remote code execution attacks which can occur if the security vulnerabilities are not patched. The vulnerability is exploited to raise privileges of the attacker which can then be used to get inside the program. One of the updates will require a restart Microsoft did not specify if this means all servers will have to be restarted but if the update requiring a restart applies to Windows Server 2008 then their could be server downtime as a result.

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