Microsoft Attacks Gmail Again With A New Video As Part Of “Scroogled” Campaign

/ 4 years ago


Microsoft has rekindled its Scroogled campaign this time producing a new video to attack Google’s Gmail email service. The new video, seen below, shows how Google manages to successfully implement adverts into your inbox by disguising them as emails.

Microsoft says that Google scans through your inbox for keywords and content before delivering targeted advertisements based on those which are disguised as unread emails at the top of your Gmail inbox. Naturally Microsoft is using this as a reason as to why you should switch to their service instead because they do not deliver such “intrusive” advertising.

Google violates your privacy by reading every single word of every single email sent to and from Gmail accounts so they can better target you with ads. Now, they’re going one step further over the line by using that same personal information to spam your inbox with ads that look like real emails” said Microsoft on its Scroogled campaign website.

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Image courtesy of The Verge

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  • Mark

    Except that Outlook is an absolutely terrible service, and I have not received promotional emails on my Gmail account whatsoever. Everything about Gmail, for me, just beats Outlook.

    • I agree. My outlook always crashes and fails to load. Sometimes I have to refresh it about 6 times just to access my emails.

      • JMHJ

        Im using my old hotmail adress (which now is under outlook) and I’ve never had issues with it. Not when using it in a browser nor when using it via. Windows Essentials Live Mail…

  • Tom W

    I’ve never had any of these ad email things, what on Earth are they talking about in this video?

  • elli0tco

    Mircosoft really dont like Google do they, well seeing as Chrome is better then Internet-Explorer and Gmail is better then Outlook

  • Dr. Moist

    I added – to my Windows hosts file and blocked the site on my router :o) happy days

  • Bryan

    I was sold on until I had so many issues using it on Android and other IMAP email programs. Maybe Google should come back at Microsoft with the “Microf*cked” campain…

  • Tony Thetiger

    chrome FTW.