Microsoft Attempted to Block Windows 11 Installer That Bypassed Requirements!

You may recall that back in early July we reported on ‘Rufus’, a new piece of software that effectively created an ISO-based USB installer for Windows 11. Not too exciting, right? Well, this one came with bit of a handy trick. Namely, it was able to create an installation that would entirely bypass all of the system requirements the operating system had. – In other words, there was no need for TPM 2.0, no need for secure boot, and it would install the OS on (pretty much) any relatively relevant hardware (getting past the CPU requirements).

While this was clearly quite useful for more than a few people, however, I think it went without saying that Microsoft probably wasn’t too happy about it. And in something which clearly confirmed this, earlier this week the ‘Rufus’ installation stopped working due to their link to the Windows 11 ISO download server website being, basically, disconnected!

Following a report via Ghacks, however, it would appear that this effort to curtail the propagation of Windows 11 on unsupported systems didn’t work for too long as, following a new update, ‘Rufus’ is back in action!

Microsoft Tries (And Fails) to Maintain Windows 11 System Requirements!

The overall terse nature of Windows 11’s system requirements has, of course, been a controversial subject ever since the operating system was originally launched a little under a year ago. While Microsoft has regularly cited them as being a mandatory aspect due to improvements in security, the fact that the operating system can clearly be installed on seemingly inappropriate hardware does more than a fair bit to undermine that argument. Well, more specifically, that there is no reason why Windows 11 couldn’t be more universally acceptable/compatible if Microsoft really wanted!

The bottom line though is that the Rufus tool is back up and running. So if you have it installed, make sure you download the latest version which you can check out via the link here!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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