Microsoft begins their Windows 8 marketing onslaught

/ 5 years ago


October 26 is nearly upon us, which means we’re so close to seeing the new and improved Microsoft. On top of this, we’re going to see an iPad competitor in the Surface tablet, a new desktop operating system in Windows 8 and a new mobile operating system in Windows Phone 8. This will all tie together quite nicely, and we haven’t even gotten to Windows 8- and Windows Phone 8-based devices, yet.

Well, feast your eyes on Microsoft’s marketing campaign for Windows 8 which is reportedly hovering in the $1 billion market. The first advertisement has arrived, shown above.  The ad really pushes the number 8 again and again, we’re shown Fruit Ninja on an Acer touchscreen PC, and a bunch of new things we can’t really do with our computers, yet.

The tagline for this advertisement is “Windows reimagined” and I’m actually beginning to be excited about where Microsoft will be in the coming months with this new OS.


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