Microsoft are Bringing back the Goodness in Windows 10

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Remember the days, sat at your shiny new computer and all you could think of doing was playing MineSweeper and Solitaire; well it seems Solitaire will be making a return to Windows 10.

Solitaire, MineSweeper and Hearts were ditched by Microsoft for the release of Windows 8 to offer a lightweight Operating System by cutting all the fat. Most didn’t notice this little removal and carried on their lives, others turned to the Apps for Windows Store to get their fix. Now it seems Microsoft will be offering Solitaire as a built-in program when Windows 10 releases; users will still have to visit the store to get access to the other two games. Solitaire will come default as a program accessible from the start menu; which is also making a return in Windows 10.

This discovery was made after Microsoft unveiled a new preview build, before the official upgrade becomes available later this Summer. With the noticeable addition of Solitaire, there have been upgrades to the Start menu, Taskbar and Action Center and preview of the new calendar and mail app.

I can’t wait for Windows 10, so many times have I walked away from my computer in frustration over not being able to access recently used programs without having to search for them. Will you be downloading the new instalment or are you one of those refusing to move from an even earlier Windows version? Let us know what you’re running in the comments.

Thank you to Mashable for providing us with this information.

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