Microsoft Brings 383 Inch Surface Tablet To London For Publicity Stunt

/ 4 years ago


Microsoft is still having a hard time persuading consumers to choose its Surface tablets over rival tablet solutions from Apple, Samsung and others. As part of its attempt to entice consumers Microsoft set up a huge 383 inch functional Surface tablet in Trafalgar Square, London, reports The Verge.

The huge tablet which is sitting close to Nelson’s Column took 12 hours to build is 27 feet wide and 17 feet high. They also constructed a super large Type Cover 2 with keys that feed back to the huge Surface tablet and allows kids to play spelling games on it by using their feet to type.

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The publicity stunt is taking place in one of the busiest parts of London that will see hundreds of thousands of people pass it daily, whether on their commute to work or whether they are tourists checking out Nelson’s Column and Trafalgar square. I personally think Microsoft could get consumers to buy the new Surface tablets using a much easier method – by lowering the eye-watering prices.

Image courtesy of TheNextWeb

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