Microsoft Buys Digital Pen Technology from N-Trig Ltd

/ 3 years ago

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People have been suspecting this move for quite some time now, and it looks like Microsoft finally signed the papers and purchased the digital pen technology that they have been using for their Surface Pro 3 tablet/laptop hybrid. The technology was purchased from N-Trig Ltd, and it will also be implemented for the upcoming Surface 3, especially since pen input in Windows 10 is beginning to show its usefulness.

What makes this particular technology impressive is the fact that it does not need a deep level digitizer under the display, which means that the user is able to enjoy an enhanced writing experience. The pen can be used in conjuncture with multiple apps, including a Staff Pad app that can be used by music enthusiasts to compose music. The One Note and Fresh Paint apps also come to mind, both of which help with more basic purposes such as penning down notes or drawings.

Although Microsoft has not confirmed any numbers regarding N-Trig’s purchase, we do know that the company’s employees will be moving to Microsoft’s Israel offices. Do you think that N-Trig’s technology is good enough to compete with the likes of Wacom?

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One Response to “Microsoft Buys Digital Pen Technology from N-Trig Ltd”
  1. Tony Irving says:

    I’ve got a surface pro 3 and the pen is the best part of it

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