Microsoft CEO Candidate Would Consider Selling Off Xbox Division

/ 4 years ago


Ex Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has big ideas for Microsoft and the candidate to replace Steve Ballmer who is set to fill the role of Microsoft CEO wants to re-focus the company.

Microsoft have been chasing their tail in the gaming market with the Xbox, having issues with Surface and even Windows is having a rough time in some areas recently. It is clearly time for a major shake-up within the company.

Elop could be planning to focus the company’s strategy around their more popular office software, then use these programs to drive demand for Windows OS, not the other way around.

This re-focus isn’t just about re-marketing Office products either, Elop would be prepared to sell or shut down major aspects of Microsoft so that it can devote more attention to key areas. This would include ending the fight between Google and Bing (does anyone actually use Bing?) and perhaps selling off their Xbox division.

“Microsoft is trying to do too much, and these assets add no clear value to the overall business,” wrote analyst Rick Sherlund, who added that he thought Mulally was most likely to get the nod to replace Ballmer.

Selling off these parts of the business could mean huge profits for Microsoft and it’s already share prices to their highest in years.

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Personally, I think they should see the business to Sega and re-brand Xbox One to the Dreamcast 2, if only to give us hope of a new Shenmue game.

Thank you Bloomberg for providing us with this information.

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    It would make sense. Give the man the job already. Of course they offered it to me first but I had to refuse. 🙂