Microsoft Confirms DirectX 12’s Multi-GPU Support Extends to AMD/NVIDIA Cross-Configuration

/ 3 years ago


DirectX 12’s cross-vendor GPU configuration capability – using AMD’s Radeon and NVIDIA’s GeForce graphics cards in conjunction – has been hinted at for weeks, but now a Microsoft representative has confirmed that the feature will be supported by its latest API.

A member of Microsoft’s customer support staff, when asked if DirectX 12 will “support Multi-GPU Configurations between Nvidia and [AMD]?”, answered that, “Upon checking, it will support Multi-Gpu Configurations between Nvidia and AMD.”

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Image comes courtesy of LinusTechTips:

dx12 hint

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2 Responses to “Microsoft Confirms DirectX 12’s Multi-GPU Support Extends to AMD/NVIDIA Cross-Configuration”
  1. Porkalicious says:

    Hmm, I wouldn’t trust what one answer tech answers :/ We have yet to see the truth. I wouldn’t be suprised it isn’t true and one unfortunate support staff gets fired.

  2. André C says:

    As links said in the wan show (I believe last week) and the doubt isn’t gone in that conversation shown in the image, thy can support nvidia+and as they did for a while already (you can have 2 in the system but can’t be used together)

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