Microsoft Confirms July 29th Launch for Windows 10

/ 3 years ago

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Despite what appeared to be a credible leak yesterday from Newegg, it appears that Windows 10 will be launching sooner than August 31st. Microsoft has released a blog post confirming that Windows 10 for PC and tablets will be launching on July 29th, more than a full month earlier. With this official confirmation, it appears that AMD was right when it revealed that Windows 10 would launch in July.

It’s important to note that with a July release, Microsoft has a limited amount of time to get Windows 10 finalized and stable for production. It may very well be that the initial Windows 10 and the boxes shipping with Newegg are different. The initial Windows 10 launch might not have all the features Microsoft wants in it yet. This is in line in with the new Windows as a service model, allowing Microsoft to add new features as needed. So Newegg could be accurate that shipping boxes of Windows 10 will release in August while an over the air update and pre-installed Windows 10 can launch earlier.

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As noted in our earlier article, a July launch makes quite a bit of sense as it manages to target the back to school shopping period that a late August launch would not be able to capture. This is important as PC sales are already declining and a new operating system has the potential to help stem the loss. As Windows 10 will be free for one year for Windows 7 and 8 users, the countdown will start on July 29th. It will be interesting to see if most users will pick it up quickly or wait till the last minute next year. As more information is released, we’ll be sure to bring it to you so stay tuned!

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