Microsoft Confirms Next Update is Just Fall Creators Update

/ 7 months ago

Creators Update

One thing the tech industry has never been good with is naming things. Microsoft, of course, is no exception to this rule. Earlier in the year, Redmond announced their new major Windows 10 update. Set to arrive in September this year, Microsoft revealed the update as the Fall Creators Update. Despite some confusion about alternatives names in the interim, it appears that Microsoft is settling on Fall Creators Update.

The confusion comes about due to some confusion in marketing. Microsoft is referencing the 3rd season of the year with their new update. Fall corresponds to this properly for Canada and the US. However, the UK and some other English speaking countries use Autumn instead. In their UK marketing, Microsoft made mention to the Autumn Creators Update. This led to the assumption that it is really the Fall/Autumn Creators Update.

Microsoft Sticks With American English

Microsoft is now clarifying the situation, admitting to a translation error. This translation error from American English to British English means the update is really the Fall Creators Update. This branding will be consistent for all English speaking countries. At least we have consistent application of branding for all English speaking countries now.

Of course, Microsoft fell into this trap themselves. Naming something after a season is already problematic for the Southern Hempishere residents. The addition of “Fall” to the original Creators Update is uninspiring as well. Perhaps Microsoft should consider using model numbers or something less ambiguous instead. While Apple has claimed the 10.x moniker, Microsoft still has plenty of other options to choose from. I for one am partial to Windows 10 v3.

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