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Microsoft Confirms Their Surface Event Will Be Live Streamed

Microsoft has been treating its Surface platform rather seriously in recent years and, in fairness, it has been paying off with many consumers choosing them over the more generic laptop designs.

With the next official ‘Surface Event’ scheduled for October 2nd, however, seeing some new hardware, at least up for release or in a conceptual form, was pretty much a guarantee. Following a Twitter post, however, it has been confirmed that Microsoft will be live-streaming the event. Why is this important I hear you ask? Well, if they’re doing this, then they likely have something pretty big they want to reveal!

Microsoft Surface Event Live-Stream Points at Big Announcement

While live-streaming the event is noteworthy in itself, there is more evidence to suggest that Microsoft might have something up their sleeve here. For example, it has also been confirmed that the head of Surface, Panos Paney. That in itself isn’t too surprising as he always attends these shows. The icing on the cake, however, is that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Someone who has only intermittently attended in the past.

As for what we can expect? Well, from there we enter in the realms of speculation.

What Do We Think?

One of the biggest announcement rumours is circulated the long-rumoured ‘Project Centaurus’. A dual-screen Surface that will incorporate an ultra-light design to make it ‘ultra-portable’. We will, however, likely also expect to see some hardware updates and maybe some new software as a refresh to their existing lines.

With the event set to be held on October 2nd, with the live-stream starting at 10 am ET (2 pm GMT) if you’re a fan of the Surface, you’re not going to want to miss this!

What do you think? What do you think the big reveal is going to be? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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