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Microsoft Confirms Xbox AAA-Gaming Titles to Start Costing $70

The grim reality of modern gaming is that consumers do now expect to roughly pay something in the region of $70 for new AAA-gaming title. Be it on console or PC, this is the new standard whether we choose to like it or not (and in regards to the latter, I most certainly do not!). – In this regard, however, Microsoft has at least been somewhat going against the tide by predominantly holding a circa $60 figure for its new console gaming releases.

Following a report via SlashGear, however, all good things must come to an end as Microsoft has now confirmed that, as of 2023, it will be adjusting its MSRP model to make $70 the new ‘standard’ price consumers should expect on Xbox Series X/S games.

Microsoft Confirms Xbox Titles Will Be Getting More Expensive!

The news isn’t honestly all that shocking as we’ve already seen Ubisoft, Take-Two, EA, and pretty much all other major publishers confirm that things did need to move up to something around the circa $70 area to be more representative of the overall increased cost of modern AAA-gaming development. And, in this regard, for as much as we might grumble about sloppy/unfinished release day titles, game development has gotten notably, if not massively, more expensive over the last 10 years to somewhat warrant this increase.

Microsoft was, of course, keen to try and keep this figure down to the $60 area to, if nothing else, make their Xbox consoles a little bit more attractive when compared to the competition. And in regard to competition, Sony kicked the PS5 right out of the gates with a $70 gaming price tag so, at least in theory, they might’ve had a bit of a point.

Overall though, if they feel mandated to go up to $70, so be it. Hell, it only makes their Xbox Game Pass look like even better value than it was before I suppose.

What do you think though? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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