Microsoft could release their own Windows Phone 8 smartphone

/ 5 years ago

It would make sense, with Microsoft wanting to fight Apple in the smartphone race, to release their own Windows Phone 8-based phone, but it is a slippery slope. Rumours are now popping up that the Redmond-based OS maker is developing their own smartphone powered by their soon-to-be-released Windows Phone 8.

WPCentral are reporting that the hardware already exists, and is currently being tested. No details are available on the device, but it is said to be something unique when compared  to other Windows Phone 8-based smartphones from other companies.

We shouldn’t be surprised of this news, with the company building their own Surface tablet without many leaks getting out to the press. But I do have a few worries if Microsoft choose to go down this path.

Now, they have Nokia ready for their bidding – which means we could see a stellar smartphone released by Microsoft, but then the worries start. Could Microsoft release the undeniable Windows Phone 8 experience, by themselves? What would that leave companies like Samsung, HTC and co. to do? Would we see a slightly diluted, non-pure Windows Phone 8 smartphone from others?

I’ll put it in another way: imagine if Apple were to open up iOS to everyone – do you think other manufacturers could make iOS as good as the company who developed it? We’re most likely going to see Google do this with Motorola, and the entire smartphone industry landscape is going to change, big time.


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