Microsoft Drops Two Places To Seventh In “Most Valuable Global Brand” Rankings

/ 5 years ago


It has been a tough year for Microsoft who have been bashed over the apparent “failures” of Windows 8 and Surface tablets. Yet you would of thought all these things have added up to disaster for Microsoft? Yet the latest global brand rankings show they have had only a small effect.

Microsoft is now the seventh most valuable global brand, with a value reduction on its brand of 9% compared to 2012 where it was the fifth most valuable global brand. It has been overtaken by AT&T and Coca-Cola. It is unsurprising that the top 10 most valuable global brands are dominated by technology with Apple, Google, IBM and Microsoft all having a top ten spot. AT&T and China Mobile are arguably also “technology” or at least service the growing technology market.


Interestingly enough Apple sits on top miles ahead of everyone else and that looks set to stay that way for the forseeable future. Samsung made an impressive leap from 55th to 30th place with a 51% rise over 2012’s figures, but they are still some way off the big hitters.

The CEO of the company that conducted this research said that

“This year’s ranking highlights the return on investment that brands give businesses. It shows that strong brands bring market share growth, increased profits from being able to command a price premium and greater shareholder returns,”

What are your thoughts on the global brand rankings for 2013? Why do you think Microsoft has fallen?

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  1. d6bmg says:

    Well.. Does it matter to the end users?

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