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Microsoft Confirms End-Of-Life for Internet Explorer & Edge Legacy

With the relatively recent launch of Microsoft’s new (and excellent) Chromium-based Edge, it seemed that the writing was always on the wall for their older versions of web browsers, such as Internet Explorer or even the original version of Edge, to come to an end. Well, following an official post by Microsoft, it is now official. Both Internet Explorer 11 and ‘Legacy’ Edge are entering their ‘end-of-life’ phase which means that, in a little over a year, update support will officially end for both browsers!

Microsoft Issues End-Of-Life!

The ‘end-of-life’ roll-out is a little complicated as it involves both the individual web browser programs as well as their integration within the Microsoft 365 app software. In a nutshell, however, Internet Explorer 11 will cease ‘standard’ support on November 30th this year with M365 support ending on August 17th, 2017.

Additionally, in regards to the original (non-Chromium) Edge browser (again, not to be confused with the new one), this app will cease receiving new updates after March 9th, 2021.

What Do We Think?

Following the most recent Windows 10 update, adoption of the new Edge browser was (for all intents and purposes) made mandatory. Yes, you could still use the original release (although we have no idea why you would want to), but the new version would be a permanent and unremovable fixture. As such, we can’t honestly say that we find this news even slightly surprising. More so, the fact that despite it only having been launched a little under 6 months ago, the new Edge is already remarkably popular with users.

If you do, however, still have a lot of love for Internet Explorer 11, enjoy it while you can because official support is ending in the very near future!

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Mike Sanders

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