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New Microsoft Flight Simulator Patch Improves FPS By 10%

Following the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, the game has been riding high following high-praise from both fans and critics. If there is one aspect of it that’s hard to deny, however, it’s the fact that it requires a pretty beefy PC to get the best out of it. Following the release of the latest patch update, however, in a report via TechPowerUp, it is being suggested that framerates have improved by over 10% in many instances and for many users.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

While coming with a number of moderate bug fixes, the key point of the latest update ( is that Microsoft Flight Simulator has been given a pretty significant upgrade in terms of CPU optimisation. Although the game is, of course, pretty demanding in terms of graphics card power, there are many aspects of it which more specifically require the use of the CPU and, following early reports from the update, users are reporting average framerate improvements of around 8-10 FPS.

What Do We Think?

For the vast majority of users, there is a fine balance to be struck in Microsoft Flight Simulator to get the best visual appearance while still having a decent enough frame rate output. With this new update, however, it may be well worth checking out those graphical settings again because if you were already pulling a nice and solid 60 FPS, you might, after this update, be able to push the graphical boat out a little further!

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Mike Sanders

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