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Microsoft Flight Simulator Typo Creates a 212-Story Tower!

With it being nearly a week since the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, I daresay that most of you who have been ‘playing’ it so far have largely been enjoying the experience of just flying around and checking out the scenery. It seems, however, that one small suburb of Melbourne Australia is getting a lot of unusual attention. Why you ask? Well, following reports on Twitter, users have begun noticing that a 212-story monolith resides there!

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Amusing Typo!

Now, just in case it needed to be said, this building doesn’t actually exist. If it did, it would likely make it the tallest in the world exceeding its nearest rival by over 60 floors! And, with advanced apologies to the people of Melbourne, while the city does have a number of amazing things to check out, a 212-floor skyscraper isn’t one of them!

So, how did it get there? Well, a little digging from the community has revealed that it’s likely due to a typo in the code surrounding the height. You see, the building should be there, but instead of having 2 floors (which was originally intended), it was instead typed out as 212!

Well… That’s Something!

At the time of writing, the error hasn’t yet been corrected, so if you do want to check it out, just have a fly around Melbourne Australia. Given its size, it shouldn’t be too difficult to spot. At this point though, I’m kind of hoping that Microsoft doesn’t fix the error. It is, after all, more than a little amusing!

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Mike Sanders

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