Microsoft Give Nokia Approval For Android Smartphone Launch At MWC

/ 4 years ago


More details have emerged about Nokia’s “Normandy” handset from the Inquirer. Apparently Microsoft have given Nokia approval to make the launch at this month’s MWC event. There are conditions attached though, for example the “Nokia X” android phone will not have access to the Google Play Store. Neither will it feature the usual suite of Google Apps (such as Hangouts, Chrome, Gmail, etc), instead it will get Nokia or Microsoft equivalents (such as Skype, Bing, Outlook, etc).

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Based on earlier rumours the “Nokia X” is still expected to have a 4 inch display, Qualcomm S4 processor, 3MP rear camera and 4GB of expandable (with MicroSD) internal storage. The phone is expected in several different colours with a “budget” price point that is yet to be disclosed. Expect more details in the immediate build up to Mobile World Congress 2014. Microsoft and Nokia are still both yet to comment on matter.

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One Response to “Microsoft Give Nokia Approval For Android Smartphone Launch At MWC”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    Well if MS won’t let them put Google play on it maybe they’ll consider the iStore, that way users will have three OS’s rolled into one.

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