Microsoft Gives Green Light For Pre-E3 Press Conference

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Last week we reported that Microsoft will be revealing their next-generation games console on May 21st, for which we will simply refer to as Xbox Next for now. Set to lift the lid off their hardwork and efforts from the last few years that will be set to go head to head with the PlayStation 4 in just a few months time.

Yet much as Sony has done with their event, by holding a 2 hour “preview” then some time later holding another event to reaffirm details and release a few more bits of information prior to E3. Microsoft are doing just the same with their innitial event on the 21st of May and now their newly confirmed pre-E3 press conference on June 10th.

On the morning of June 10th, Microsoft will be at the Galen Center at USC, this will give them a perfect opportunity to refresh the press and public on the next-gen Xbox prior to E3, where they will no doubt want to focus more on the more visual aspects of games and hardware, rather than core details which will be cleared out of the way at the previous two events.

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Don’t worry though as members of the public won’t be missing out on this event and you can bet that it will be streamed on both Xbox Live and SpikeTV. Their may be other sources for the stream, but they are not yet confirmed.

Are you looking forward to the Xbox Next reveal? I know I am and with Sony setting their 2nd event two weeks before Microsoft, Sony could be set to steal the show once again!

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One Response to “Microsoft Gives Green Light For Pre-E3 Press Conference”
  1. Wayne says:

    **Yawn**. I’d rather watch paint dry.

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