Microsoft Is Giving Away Windows 10 To Testers

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Windows 10 has had some confusing upgrade notices. First it was everyone that was running windows 7 and above could upgrade for free, this initially included people who had a less than legit version installed. This was then changed later on (or “clarified”) by stating that Windows 10 would only be available for legitimate users but “incentives” would be available to help sway people  towards the platform. The latest news is if you are interested in a free copy of Windows 10, just install the latest test build.

Confirmed on Twitter yesterday, Gabe Aul outlined the plan for testers to be able to upgrade to the final release build for free. With testers soon to require a Microsoft Account to receive the latest test build’s, the plan is for anyone who has the preview installed and linked to a Microsoft Account (after opting for future test versions) will be able to upgrade to the final release of windows 10 when it is released later this year.

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The latest build allows you to link a Microsoft Account (build 10130) and is the start of the latest initiative to release windows 10 to a wider range of users.

With yet another way to get Windows 10 for no real cost to yourself, when it is released later this year Windows 10 is definitely set to invite users from all over to give the new operating system more than a fair chance.

Thank you The Verge for the information.

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