Microsoft Helps Mac Users Switch to Surface Book

/ 2 years ago

Surface Book and Macbook

Microsoft has been both competent and ambitious in the lead up to the release of their new top-end laptop, the Surface Book, with claims of twice the power of their competitor, the MacBook Pro.

Much as Apple did over 10 years ago to help users switch over to Mac OSX from Windows, it is Microsoft’s turn to offer their competitors customers a helping hand and some incentive to take the jump to the PC side. Today saw the reveal of a new site “Making the Switch: MacBook to Microsoft Surface Book“, with the intention of giving Mac users the most painless transition from OSX to the new Windows 10 powered Surface Book.

The site is pretty comprehensive in relating Windows 10 to those familiar with OSX, including a basic introduction to Windows 10, as well as a comprehensive FAQ on the usage of both the Surface Book hardware and the Windows 10 OS. And more importantly, the site helps to allay concerns over whether they would lose anything in the switch, containing guides for moving photos, documents and other files, as well as browser bookmarks and emails. Microsoft also assures support with Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad and outlining Windows software and support for iCloud, iTunes and other Apple services.

If you are a MacBook Pro user, have Microsoft convinced you to make the switch to their new flagship hardware? Or is not even the assurance of an easy transition enough to make you hang up the Mac?

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