Microsoft Hire Staff For ‘New Project Line’ In The Halo Universe

/ 4 years ago


It looks like Microsoft are going all out with the Halo series recently, not only are they pushing the developers at 343i to the limits with the development of Halo 5: Guardians and the epic Halo: The Master Chief Collection, but it looks like they’re also pushing for yet another title in the massively popular Xbox shooter.

A new career opportunity published by Microsoft and 343i says they’re seeking a Publishing Senior Producer, who will be responsible for a “new project line” within the Halo universe. New project line means it’s not Halo 5 or The Master Chief Collection, so what else could 343i be working on? All we know is that they’ll be tasked with ensuring “the game hits the quality expected of a title within the Halo Franchise.”

Current best estimate is that the company is working to revive the Halo Wars series, it was a great game and one that could work well across the devices Microsoft like to shovel into their support list. Smart glass, Windows Phone, Kinect and other features are very usable tools for an RTS style game and it would be in keeping with the groundwork done by original Halo developer Bungie.

Of course there is also the chance that this is just going to be some crappy mobile spin off full of micro transactions, but I bet we won’t have to wait too long before more information escapes in this leak friendly industry.

Thank you DualShockers for providing us with this information.

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