Microsoft Hits Back At Critics: Says Windows 8 Is Good And Only Getting Better

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Microsoft has been relatively silent when it comes to Windows 8, other than offering a few updates on how the operating system is selling and what fixes and improvements they are making. They haven’t really responded to critics, until now. In their most recent statement, issued by their Corporate Vice President of Corporate Communication – Frank Shaw, Microsoft said that their new flagship operating system “is getting better every day”.

The company criticsed those media publications, and other critics, that continue to denounce Windows 8 by suggesting:

“In this world where everyone is a publisher, there is a trend to the extreme – where those who want to stand out opt for sensationalism and hyperbole over nuanced analysis. In this world where page views are currency, heat is often more valued than light. Stark black-and-white caricatures are sometimes more valued than shades-of-gray reality”

This damning verdict by Microsoft does have some traction, indeed writing a review on Windows 8 and tearing it apart probably appeals more to the mainstream audience than stating how wonderful it is. Microsoft continued on to say:

“So let’s pause for a moment and consider the center. In the center, selling 100 million copies of a product is a good thing. In the center, listening to feedback and improving a product is a good thing. Heck, there was even a time when acknowledging that you were listening to feedback and acting on it was considered a good thing.”

Microsoft clearly believes that it is making the product better and better thanks to customer feedback. Microsoft also stated that the 100 million copies sold speak for themselves. Microsoft concluded with:

“Windows 8 is a good product, and it’s getting better every day. We are going to keep improving Windows 8, as we do with all our products, making what’s good even better. There will be people who agree, strongly. There will be those who disagree, equally strongly. All good, all expected”

To me Microsoft come off very blasé and confident in themselves, which is by no means a bad thing. Their name has been dragged through the mud and back as people have jumped on board the “let’s-bash-Windows-8” bandwagon. Windows 8 offers the fastest boot times, the best features and the best overall performance of any Microsoft operating system to date. So they removed your start bar? You can add it back in. You don’t like the Metro UI? Then you can disable it. As far as I am concerned Windows 8 does have its critics, and some of these criticisms are founded, but a the majority of it is just media hype.

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What are your thoughts on Windows 8 and its critics/criticisms?

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7 Responses to “Microsoft Hits Back At Critics: Says Windows 8 Is Good And Only Getting Better”
  1. Skript says:

    It’s a great OS if you use Classic Shell, what is a shame is that they haven’t though of implementing these program onto W8 already.
    You have the good things of W8 (speed) with the normal taskbar and no metro 🙂
    (You can always get to metro whenever you want but just if you want)

  2. I’m one of the 100 million and I do use it, sometimes. I had to make my new system a dual-boot because so many of my games would not run in Windows 8 that I had to figure out how to dual boot and make it work. So no I have a Win8/Win7 system. IF Win8 had better compatibility with recent games (last 2 years?) then I’d be happier with it. As for Start – that’s not a big deal at all.

    And many Win8 apps on a three screen system are not good. Wish the Win8 apps would recognize AMD’s hypergrid as when things display across all three screens many of these apps are useless – Win8 needs to be more multiple screen friendly (or maybe that’s an app developers problem?) or maybe I don’t know how to make that work.

  3. Mike says:

    Went through the pain of August 24th 1995, (and no I didn’t need to look that up), the release day of Windows 95 and have been a Microsoft user ever since. Did 8, didn’t like it. It is not worth the pain. I am back to 7. Sorry MS. I am out of this round.

  4. MG says:

    What’s the controversy? 8 isn’t very good – it’s not media spin or hyperbole. Say you’re a fan of good old Ford Motor Company; do you have to love every model? buy every model? extole the virtues of every model? The answer is no, and W8 joins ME and Vista as the-less-than-stellar offerings from MS. I expect those who judge on merit will pass on this iteration of Windows in rather significant numbers.

  5. Broadbanned says:

    It’s a mediocre operating system if you have a single core processor. It’s an absolutely horrible operating system if you have a multi-core processor. It’s an absolutely horrible operating system no matter what size or speed of storage device you use with it.

    Microsoft’s Core Parking disables most of your processor cores, most of the time (in favor of energy saving and heat dissipation).

    The NTFS (file system) adds an extra read and write access to every file access on your storage device(s), and you still can’t properly partition or setup multiple storage devices during installation of the operating system.

    Microsoft has never improved their file system, they’ve been poorly improvising and increasingly degrading their end user experience though.

  6. Windows 8 was perceived as a lousy operating system way before it even went public. A lot of it was to do with the exclusion of the start bar. It’s human nature to resist change. I myself was very dubious about it but I’ve become accustomed to it and find it’s not bad at all. I like it on touch screens but on the desktop, not so much but it’s still functional. Let’s wait and see what Blue brings to the fight. That said I don’t use 8 on my gaming rig.

  7. Dan Revas says:

    “Windows 8 offers the fastest boot times, the best features and the best overall performance of any Microsoft operating system to date.”

    That is an opinion, not a fact. I thought Aero was a great feature. I’m glad that the program I downloaded to my Windows 8 laptop to put back the Start Button and the Start Menu also put Aero back. I think Aero is one of the best Windows “Features”, but that’s just an opinion.

    I have few problems with Windows 8 outside of the forced change to the interface formerly known as Metro, a change that too many people who have never heard of “Classic Shell’ or “StartIsBack” will just have to live with.
    Until I see a more compelling reason to do so, my Gaming Rig will continue to rock Windows 7, not 8.

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