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Microsoft is Adding New Useful Features to its Edge Browser

It’s coming up to 3 months now since Microsoft launched its new (and vastly improved) version of its Edge browser. While I won’t bore you with many of the ins and outs of the new version, let’s just say that the migration to a Chromium-based browser (as well as added extension support) has already seen a number of people (including some of us here at eTeknix) make the switch!

If you are still on the fence, however, then it seems even more new features are on the way that might finally tempt you into giving it a try!

Microsoft Edge to Introduce New Features!

In a report via TechSpot, the new features basically boil down to 3 new ways in which Edge will operate or, perhaps more accurately in certain instances, how you want it to operate.

Starting with one of the more basic aspects, Edge will introduce a new tab system that will display them to the right of your browser. This will give you a quick and clearer view of multiple website pages while (all going well) minimizing the risk of you accidentally closing the wrong one!

In addition to this, Microsoft is also introducing one of the new interesting ‘password’ safety features seen to date. From any web browser. While you are all likely familiar with browsers’ ability to ‘auto-save’ your passwords, the latest version of Edge will (through methods I haven’t yet determined) be able to detect if your account may have been compromised. If it believes it has, a warning message will pop up prompting you to change your password!


The final new feature looks to change the manner in which websites present themselves. This can allow users to customize text size (rather than just zooming in on the page itself) as well as allowing sentence structure to be broken down into more simplistic styles. Useful features for those with poor vision or for those with a weak grasp of (for example) English.

What Microsoft is basically attempting to achieve here is to make Edge better than its rivals. This, rather than simply being ‘as good’ as them.

With user figures showing that the new Edge is already gaining some traction, it’ll be interesting to see what browsers people will be using this time next year!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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