Microsoft Launch Dedicated Xbox One Reddit App ReddX

/ 3 years ago


Microsoft have just launched the first dedicated console app for Reddit. ReddX will allow Xbox One owners to browse the ever-popular social media sharing site from their console, submit ports, upvote and downvote content and more. The app is available now for North America, and it is expect that a wider global launch will happen in the near future.

The app sorts the content feel onto the left of the screen, freeing up the right side for viewing images, videos and other content. The system also comes with a cool feature that allows you to pause, rewind and fast forward gifs.

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Kinect and controller integration has been added too, while the controller will suffice for most, you can also use voice commands if you really wanted to, handy for yelling downvotes at things you don’t like… as if people will actually use such a feature?

The app will also link through the Xbox SmartGlass app, handy for typing out comments when you don’t want to use a controller and on-tv screen keyboard.

Thank you ReddX for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of ReddX.

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