Microsoft Launched Windows 7 Restore Site with ISOs

/ 2 years ago


With all the talk of Windows 10 in the media, many people have downloaded and installed it for a test. They might soon want to change back, but that could be difficult if the recovery partition is gone and reinstalling the system with Windows 7 might prove difficult.

Microsoft to the rescue. They’ve launched the new Microsoft Software Recovery site that allows you to return to Windows 7 by making ISO’s available for download. The downloaded ISO file can then be burned onto a DVD or to a thumb drive for quick and easy installation of the old system. The downloaded ISO will work for both clean installs and upgrade installation from Windows Vista.

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But the site and the tool are both equally useful for anyone with a broken or bad disk, or maybe you lost it all together. All you need to have is a genuine key and there is no need to visit dubious pirate sites to get the ISO to use with that legal key.

Thanks to Microsoft for providing us with this information


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  • Futilizer

    Too bad it’s not working for me. Verifies the key and nothing happens.

  • Michael Harker

    I have a feeling the server would be getting a lot of traffic at the moment. Wait a day or two.

  • Kishin Ro

    10 or 7? have to see which is better.