Microsoft Making Controversial Anti-iPad Adverts To Market Windows 8 Tablets

/ 4 years ago


Microsoft has launched a couple of short adverts on its Windows YouTube channel recently that directly attack the iPad. Microsoft does an iPad 4 vs ASUS VivoTab series comparison to show off the functionality of Windows 8 and the design features which they are implementing.

The main focus of these adverts is to pick up on productivity, by pointing out features Windows 8 tablets can do that Apple iPads cannot. The first advert can be seen below:


In the first advert it draws upon the fact the Windows 8 tablet delivers live  notifications and updates on the home screen, can multi-task and run multiple apps at the same time and can run PowerPoint natively. While obviously the iPad can do none of these things. It also goes on to point out that the iPad 4 64GB costs $699 while you can get the ASUS VivoTab Smart 64GB for $449.

The second advert is a bit longer and you can see that here:


This one draws on a comparison between the iPad 4 and the ASUS VivoTab RT.First the advert takes a shot at the design features and shows that the VivoTab RT is thinner measuring in at .32 inches compared to the iPad 4’s .37 inches and it shows it is lighter weighing in at 1.16 lbs compared to the iPad 4’s 1.44 lbs. Next it takes a hit at productivity pointing out the ASUS VivoTab RT comes with Microsoft Office but the iPad 4 comes only with the OneNote app and also that the ASUS VivoTab RT can do two things at once while the iPad 4 cannot. It then proceeds to show how the Apple lacks MicroSD compatibility which requires buying and using an adapter while the ASUS VivoTab RT comes with native support for MicroSD. Finally it shows how the ASUS VivoTab RT works with most printers yet the iPad 4 needs a special Apple “AirPrint” printer.

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What do you think of these two adverts from Microsoft? Are they justified adverts or is it cheap marketing?

Image courtesy of Microsoft

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3 Responses to “Microsoft Making Controversial Anti-iPad Adverts To Market Windows 8 Tablets”
  1. frederikzen says:

    apple had it coming. they deserve it

  2. Wayne says:

    It’s unethical but because it bloodies Apples nose, I’m for it.

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