Microsoft Making It Easier for Devs to Program for Xbox One

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OSome Studio’s Mathieu has recently made an interesting statement regarding development complexity for the Xbox One. Fremont, who has worked with OSome Studio in developing the console-based White Night title, said that the PlayStation 4 is a powerful console indeed, which is nothing new since all game devs prefer Sony’s platform more than Microsoft’s alternative.

However, he added that the Xbox One is easier to program for. Now here is where the controversy begins, since it was previously known that Microsoft’s console has been a nightmare for devs. While the PlayStation 4’s unified GDDR5 memory makes it easier for devs to take full advantage if its performance, The Xbox One comes with slower DDR3 memory combined with a small amount of ESRAM.

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Taking full advantage of the ESRAM is known to be a true challenge and this is why developers will always choose the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One anytime. But Microsoft may have made it easier for developers to tap into the ESRAM resource with updated Xbox One SDKs, which is great since we now can expect a lot of titles being released for Microsoft’s console without the hassle of building the game on the platform.

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