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Microsoft May be Planning for the Xbox Series X to Last 10-Years

With the next-gen consoles expected to launch before the end of the year, it will essentially represent the beginning of the end for the Xbox One and PS4. In terms of systems, however, there is always a matter of curiosity as to how long they are generally relevant.

Well, in a report via TechRadar, it seems that Microsoft may be planning on the Xbox Series X to be around for a very long time!

Microsoft May be Planning 10-Year Lifespan for Xbox Series X

Speaking in an interview, Xbox chief Phil Spencer has dropped a pretty major hint that Microsoft may be planning for the Xbox Series X to be a long-term deployment with numbers as high as 10-years being mentioned.

Now, while this might sound a little fanciful, there is a significant factor that could make this possible. Namely, that Microsoft is well-known to be highly active in the game streaming market and, as such (and as time goes on) having a high-powered system may become less important.

What Do We Think?

If the Xbox Series X does hang around for 10 years (which would perhaps be mildly surprising based on the fact that most predict that it is (like the Xbox One) going to do significantly less well in sales than the Sony alternative) then cloud and stream gaming is going to play a major role in that. It would, however, also likely make it one of the longest system cycles in recent memory.

It isn’t, however, unheard of. For example, the humble little NES lasted around 10-years with the Japanese Famicon making it to the 20-year mark!

Call me crazy though, but I somehow don’t think that anyone playing the Xbox Series X this Christmas will still be doing so by 2030.

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Mike Sanders

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