Microsoft May Delay Windows 9 For Windows 8.2

/ 4 years ago


Microsoft is currently working on two operating systems. Windows 8.1, a Windows 8 refresh, and Windows 9, the next operating system in the Windows series. However, this is only the simple roadmap for Windows because apparently Microsoft also has plans for a Windows 8.2 should Windows 8.1 fail to sell equally as much as Windows 8 did.

Microsoft is reportedly laying the foundations for a second revision of Windows 8, Windows 8.2 which will essentially be an improved version of Windows 8.1 (Blue). This changes the launch schedule of Windows 9 dramatically as Windows 8.1 is due to be released September 2013, Windows 8.2 will see a mid to late 2014 release and then Windows 9 will have to be pushed back to 2015 because Microsoft doesn’t launch two new operating systems in the same year. Microsoft has to give each OS at least 9 months to a year for the market to digest before it introduces the next one, hence why we will see Windows 8.1 in September – approximately 11 months after the launch of Windows 8.

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This isn’t 100% confirmed yet and it is totally possible, depending on the success of Windows 8.1, that Microsoft won’t need to release a Windows 8.2. However, don’t be surprised if Microsoft does go on a Windows 8 frenzy in an effort to extract every last bit of revenue out of it.

I think maybe they should just cut their losses and move onto Windows 9. Giving Windows 9 a big refresh and radical overhaul will certainly put them in good standing. I know many people will be looking for a removal/significant changing of the UI as well as a reinstatement of the start button and menu. Microsoft will need to carefully balance the integration of their desktop and mobile versions as not to alienate either platform.

What are you thoughts on the potential for a Windows 8.2?


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  • Elle

    “I know many people will be looking for a removal/significant changing of
    the UI as well as a reinstatement of the start button and menu.”

    Absolutely no chance. “Many people” might be resistant to change but the new UI is not objectively worse than the old start menu in fact it is easier to navigate, personalise and customise. Macs use an app draw, mobile phones use an app drawer/desktop/start screen. The old start menu is outdated. Soon people will stop lamenting the loss of it like it was something revolutionary.

    • Steve

      Exactly, people are unnecessarily going on about the start button like a bunch of spoiled babies. The windows 8 OS is not bad at all, it is quite great and people need to just learn how to use it properly.

  • marty1408

    It is clear that Microsoft needs to go on a two prong strategy. One for touch based devices such as phones and tablets and for that the Metro interface is great and the second a desktop strategy for conventional usage. This tall in one and trying to force people to use a phone OS on a desktop just does not work and the sales figures reflect that,

    • Codel1417

      Maby live tiles as widgets for the desktop like on windows 7

      • marty1408

        That would one simple and elegant solution. So Microsoft could have its desktop cake and eat its app cake as well.

  • TonkaTuck

    Give me the ability to completely disable all things metro or the conversation is already over. I don’t want to see or use it, ever. It’s really that simple.

  • Andrew Stringer

    stay on windows 7 if you don’t like windows 8 or 8.1 or get a fu*king life grow up and go new. Some people just don’t like change at all

    • Andrew Stringer

      we don’t need the start button back its shite and old all we need is a short cut to shut down restart etc

      • martin0499

        in windows 8 .1 there is a start button

        • Andrew Stringer

          yh but not like windows 7 still takes you to metro

        • Ko zhi yi

          For what? Start Menu?

  • Christopher Blazejewicz


  • Simon Dimps

    windows 8 and 8.1 is no better then windows 7 dose the same think has windows 7 .I think they should go on line with windows and make Cloud Operating System .or if that don’t work then give people the choice to bring back start menu and aero.i do miss the aero interface in win 8

  • Andrew Stringer

    Lets see what windows 9 will be and how many hate that 2

  • cory78

    ms excutives are waiting the coders to complete metroized office.
    just the fact the best and largest developers team did not managed to release an usable metro office in years (starting well before the win8 beta public announce!) says to any techie that is plainly a stoopid, useless task, as touch ui, including metro, are well suited to design media consumption applications, not content creation software.
    but ms executives are not tech guys, and chose to plainly ignore any internal and external complaints, including ASTOUNDING LACK OF SALES.
    they will continue suiciding the company as long as they does not get a clue or go bankrupt.
    ms has a lot of money, but never understimate the ability of a non tech executive of not getting a clue even when facts and hard data bites his rich snob arse!

  • lemur lemurevic

    I would rather like 8.2 with some of that cool names like Candy, couse every new fresh version must have many bugs to fix. Thats my tought… 🙂