Microsoft Now Supports Bitcoin Payments

/ 3 years ago


Microsoft has very, very quietly announced it is now accepting Bitcoin payments through third-party payment processors such as BitPay. The company announced the digital currency being accepted on its blog, and entering it into its FAQ for billing and payment queries.

For a company as big as Microsoft stepping out, and while quietly, accepting Bitcoin, this is big. While only some content within the Windows Store, Xbox Games, Xbox Music and Xbox Video can be purchased using Bitcoin, it’s a big step. Right now, it’s limited to the US only, and there’s a $1,000 hard limit on how much money can be added to an account daily. But, as I said, this is a great first step toward better adoption of Bitcoin.

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Bill Gates has previously said he supported the digital currency, saying “Bitcoin is better than currency in that you don’t have to be physically in the same place and of course for large transactions currency can get pretty inconvenient.”

Source: Gizmag.

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