Microsoft Offering $650 So MacBook Air Users Will Switch To Surface Pro 3

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Getting a MacBook Air user to trade in their latest Apple kit for $650 off a Surface Pro 3 sounds like a tough-sell doesn’t it? Well that’s exactly what Microsoft are hoping MacBook Air users will do in the latest Microsoft promotion. Microsoft are offering consumers “up to” $650 of store credit that can be used to purchase the Surface Pro 3 when MacBook Air users trade in their device. The amount of money off will vary by the device, the money off is lower for the lower end Surface Pro 3 devices. It also isn’t clear how much each MacBook Air device is “worth” in Microsoft’s “trade-up” scheme, presumably newer models and larger screens will be worth more. Either way the offer seems fairly reasonable if you’re looking to swap your device quickly, if you can hang around then it seems likely selling your device first and using the money from the sale to buy a Surface Pro 3 will work out a better option. The current pricing on Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 series is as follows:

  • Surface Pro 3 64GB with Intel Core i3 – $799
  • Surface Pro 3 128GB with Intel Core i5 – $999
  • Surface Pro 3 256GB with Intel Core i5 – $1299
  • Surface Pro 3 256GB with Intel Core i7 – $1549
  • Surface Pro 3 512GB with Intel Core i7 – $1949
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Source: Softpedia

Image courtesy of Microsoft

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