Microsoft Offers Xbox 360 Owners A Gift To Upgrade To The Xbox One

/ 3 years ago


If you own an Xbox 360 then Microsoft wants you to upgrade to an Xbox One. It may sound fairly obvious, but it is good to know Microsoft will be rewarding past customers with a tasty treat. If you upgrade your Xbox 360 to an Xbox One Microsoft will offer you a $75 Xbox promotional code which can be used to buy games, media content, add ons or the Xbox Live membership. It is a little disappointing that the promotion is “buy an Xbox One and get a $75 online voucher” as opposed to “buy an Xbox One and get $75 off”. So far the offer seems to be limited to North America (Canada and the USA) but that could change in the near future. It is also unknown how Microsoft makes people eligible for the offer, or whether the offer is just open to everything. However, if you were going to buy an Xbox One anyway then getting a free $75 Xbox store voucher can only be a good thing.

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Source: NeoGAF

Image courtesy of Microsoft

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