Microsoft Partner With Kano To Release a PC DIY Kit for Kids

Microsoft Partner To Release Kano PC

I’m pretty sure that the way computers are taught in schools today is very different from when I was a lad. Hell, my middle school had 1 singular computer that (if we were lucky) you got to touch more than once in a year. Even then, it was treated as a holy relic that mustn’t, under any circumstances, be used for anything other than education!

Following the release of a video, however, Microsoft has revealed a partnership with ‘Kano’ (no, not the guy from Mortal Kombat) to release a range of ‘do it yourself’ PCs which kids in the classroom can learn to build.

How Does It Work?

The PC (which is more akin to a laptop/tablet comes as a box of parts which children can learn to put together thanks to a separate ‘storybook’ which guides them through the basics of PC assembly. Once built as well, the PC is pre-loaded with a number of applications to teach them further aspects in regards to the more technical side of things.

The systems have been designed specifically for schools. Specifically, those looking to teach computer science to young kids and, frankly, I think it’s an awesome idea! I’m not even a kid and I want one!

Where Can I Get One?

Although not available (yet) the systems can be pre-ordered directly from the Kano website (which you can visit here). In addition, they will also hit the Microsoft Store in the coming weeks. As for price, well, they’re not cheap at £300 (and $300).

In terms of what children could really learn from this, however, it’s a fantastic concept. One that we truly hope catches on, particularly with schools. Of course, it’s not detailed enough to get kids building ultimate gaming machines. It may, however, be enough to get them interested! Large oaks from little acorns grow!

What do you think? Do you wish you had these in your school? Could this help encourage a new generation of PC builders? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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