Microsoft Patent For “Augmented Reality Glasses” Is Shown, Google Glass Rival?

/ 5 years ago


An report by Engadget has revealed that Microsoft has filed a patent for augmented reality glasses. These “smartglasses” are looking rather similar to that of Google Glass and can be seen as Microsoft’s Google Glass equivalent. The glasses are apparently designed specifically for multiplayer gaming which could imply involvement and a link to the Xbox One.microsoft_augmented_reality_2

The patent shows a normal pair of sunglasses, with a camera and microphone mounted at the nose bridge and a variety of sensors located at different locations around the glasses. The patent states the glasses can receive voice commands, track your eyes, calculate depth and recognise the faces of others you are playing with.

This patent is similar to other patents filed by Microsoft recently though no one is really sure if these are speculative patents or if Microsoft have actually produced functioning prototypes yet. Stay tuned though as more information is sure to develop in the near future about this new Microsoft product.

Images courtesy of Engadget

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