Microsoft patents long-distance virtual handshakes and hugs

/ 5 years ago

Microsoft recently has been granted a patent for force-feedback via telepresence. The description of the patent specifically states that the concept uses a type of interactive device which can transmit some “essence” of interaction.

The patent clearly states the following: “For instance, a participant can feel or receive feedback when physically interacting with another participant. Hugs, hand-shakes, grabbing documents, writing on a whiteboard, and the like can be detected so a specific feedback force response is implemented. In another example, a light handshake with a person can have a light force feedback while a hard handshake can have a hard force feedback. In other aspects of the claimed subject matter, methods are provided that facilitate utilizing a device to implement a force physical feedback based upon an identified interaction to a user participating within a telepresence session.”

The statement doesn’t yet mention the words ‘warm and cuddly’, but there would be some of feedback or simulation of vibration, temperature, motion, maybe even noise, pressure, texture or even the feel of a touch.

If Microsoft is able to get this right and integrates the technology with Skype, which they now own, then this could turn out to be great invention.

Via: Business Insider 

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