Microsoft Planning Its Biggest Job Cut In Its History

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If you are a Microsoft employee then there is reason to worry right now. According to insider sources cited by Reuters Microsoft could be looking to cut as many as 6000 jobs in an announcement that will be made later on today. Microsoft is seeking to trim-down the newly acquired Nokia smartphone business as well as reshape the cloud-computing and mobile software divisions. The job cut could end up being the largest in Microsoft’s 39 year history coming just five months after the new CEO Satya Nadella took to the helm. Just last week the new CEO spoke to the public and Microsoft’s employees about his vision to create a leaner business.

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Microsoft is rumoured to be cutting staff mainly at the Nokia division but some job losses might also come in the Xbox Game and Entertainment unit. Microsoft is currently undergoing a visionary change under its new CEO that will see it move from a primarily software company to one that sells online services, apps and devices with a specific focus on productivity.

Nadella’s cuts are expected to be the biggest since former CEO Steve Ballmer axed 5800 jobs (6% of Microsoft’s workforce) in 2009 during the depths of the Western recession.

Source: Reuters (via Business Insider)

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