Microsoft producing 3 million Surface tablets for this year

/ 5 years ago

Considering that Microsoft’s Windows 8 RT operating system ( designed for tablets, touch devices, ARM based devices and so on) will launch on October 26th, and that the Microsoft Surface tablet will also launch on October the 26th, it is very surprising to know Microsoft has plans to produce (and hopefully sell) 3 million of them.

According to IDC research, Microsoft is planning the production of at least 3 million Surface tablets for the year 2012. Quite adventurous figures for even the most optimistic Microsoft fanboy. Given the state of the non-Apple tablet market, i’d be very surprised if Microsoft’s Surface was a smash hit – especially since retail availability of the Surface probably won’t come until November. Although, innovation from Google and ASUS with the Nexus 7 proves non-Apple tablets can be a hit.

IDC research quelled speculation that the Surface would be sold for $199, stating that a more realistic price was $599. It stated $199 was possible, but these devices would be tied into expensive contracts with network carriers.

Do you think the Microsoft Surface has what it takes to shift 3 million in around 2 months, especially when its price is dangerously close to an iPad? Will you be buying one? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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