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Microsoft Promises More Xbox Consoles Will Be Ready For Launch

Following both the Xbox Series X and S being finally available to pre-order earlier this week, it was something of a mild surprise to find that both consoles went out of stock at an alarmingly quick rate. I mean, yes, it was always going to be popular, but given that this system wasn’t expected to be anywhere near as popular as the PS5, I would’ve thought that between the two consoles, getting an Xbox by Christmas was a far more likely proposition.

If you didn’t get your pre-order successfully in place for one of the Xbox systems, however, there is some good news! – Following an official Twitter post by Microsoft, however, it seems that more consoles are set to be made available immediately prior to their release!

Xbox Series X/S Availability

In the post above, Microsoft has clearly indicated that more Xbox consoles should be available to order on November 10th. Given that this is the day before their official release, this would suggest the possibility that if you didn’t get your pre-order in place earlier this week, you may still be able to arrange to get one on your doorstep by November 11th.

There is, however, a pretty hefty caveat to this. Namely, while Microsoft will have more systems ready, they haven’t gone as far as to say how many it will be.

What Do We Think?

In regards to the PS5, successfully getting one, at the MSRP, before Christmas seems exceptionally unlikely at the moment. As such, if you really would prefer a Sony console, you may have to wait until early 2021 before the stock levels get to the point where you’re not literally (or virtually) fighting someone to grab one!

In regards to the Xbox Series X and S, however, we’re still pretty confident that stock levels, while limited, will still be good enough to meet the majority of the Christmas demand. I mean, despite me wanting a PS5, I’m still more than a little hopeful that Father Christmas (aka my wife) will find a way to get an Xbox Series S in my Christmas stocking and I daresay many of you reading this are too. Just don’t ask my wife for yours!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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