Microsoft Announces $199 Work & Play Bundle

/ 3 years ago


In a bundle surely to top all bundles, Microsoft is throwing together four of its subscription-based products and services into one $199 package. The “Work and Play” bundle includes Office 365 Home, Skype Unlimited World and WiFi, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Music Pass.

The sale of this bundle is rather odd, as it seems that Microsoft is only making it available from November 10th 2014 to January 4th 2015 “or while supplies last.” It will also only be available through “select Microsoft full line retail stores in the United States only.” The bundle is only another sign of Microsoft’s big push towards subscription services, something that a lot of software developers are doing, including Adobe with its ‘Creative Cloud’ package.

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Some consumers like the idea of spreading the cost with a subscription, while others prefer to buy and then own a copy of that software for life. What do you think? Do you prefer spreading the cost or do you want to own that copy of Microsoft Office?

Source: ZDNet

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2 Responses to “Microsoft Announces $199 Work & Play Bundle”
  1. Stuart Turpie says:

    I prefer not paying for Office at all.

  2. Wayne says:

    Apart from Office they don’t offer anything that I’d ever make any use of. With the advent of Android & Google docs my reliance on MS products has dropped significantly, in fact apart from Windows for my PC’s I don’t use any MS products anymore.

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