Microsoft Release Windows 10 Keyboard “Cheat Sheet”

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We all like to take shortcuts, or at least we do as long as they work and don’t surprise us. People often create Macros (a selection of keys that are stored in memory and triggered remotely) that can open up programs they often use or even change settings. Windows 10 is no exception to this, with keyboard shortcuts used by programs and operating systems alike it seems Microsoft want to clear it up and give people a helping hand.

With 42 commands listed, the new website (and as a Word document), stating every command that uses the windows key (sorry, commands that use ctrl and alt are only listed on the website). The problem I see though is, while writing this article, it was quite difficult to read the site which seemed to be optimized for phones or mobile devices, using lists within list on the website and a half page dedicated to the header and large blocks outlining the topics discussed in the document.

With everything from the new virtual desktop commands (windows key + ctrl + left or right for switching, with windows + ctrl + d creating a new virtual desktop), to alt + d selecting the address bar when you’re using the file explorer.

If you are interested in looking at some shortcuts to save some time, check out the web reference guide here or the word document here.

Thank you PC World for the information.

Image courtesy of UK Hardware.

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