Microsoft Research Develop “Acoustic NFC” For File Transfers

/ 5 years ago


Microsoft’s research division, Microsoft Research, has developed a new form of file transfer based on the existing NFC technology. “Acoustic NFC” as Microsoft call it allows a secure peer to peer connection via acoustics through existing NFC hardware and an additional microchip.

Microsoft’s Acoustic NFC is called Dhwani uses a speaker to send the information and then the other device uses the microphone to receive it. The Microsoft Research team claims to have achieved speeds of up to 2.4 kilobits per second which even though is slow, is still more than enough for most existing NFC based applications.

“A key feature of Dhwani is the Jam-Secure technique, which uses self-jamming coupled with self-interference cancellation at the receiver, to provide an information-theoretically secure communication channel between the devices.” Microsoft stated.

Image courtesy of Nokia

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