Microsoft Reveals the Fate of Xbox’s IllumiRoom Function

/ 3 years ago


IllumiRoom started a lot of excitement when Microsoft showed it off Many of us wondered, and waited, for a product to be released. But nothing so far and most have probably given up hope by now.

The IllumniRoom technology that was shown by Microsoft Research back in 2013 used a Kinect to “extend” the screen of the Xbox beyond the limit of your screen size by using the rest of the room as extended display.

Thanks to Xbox Live Operations Manager Eric Neustadter, we now know that this sadly won’t be commercialized. At least not from them and not now.

“We said when IllumiRoom came out, it was a tech demo. It was never announced as a product, or something you’d be able to buy. People got really excited about it, because it was really cool, but it was just a… “hey, let’s see if we can do this and figure out what to do with it.” Eric said, “There are a lot of smart people running around Microsoft to invent a lot of really cool things that don’t immediately become products.”

Thanks to DualShockers for providing us with this information

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One Response to “Microsoft Reveals the Fate of Xbox’s IllumiRoom Function”
  1. Falling Where says:

    The first tech demo was awesome. The second was ridiculous and removed the immersion part of it by actually making the projectors the thing you played with and was a lot more expensive(several projectors instead of just one). I guess they didn’t learn with Kinect on that second demo.

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