Microsoft Says Kinect Can Obtain Biometric Information Through Sensors

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A Microsoft Executive, Zulfi Alam, has told CVG that the Xbox One’s Kinect sensor is capable of detecting Biometric information. Such a sensor was apparently due to be integrated into the Xbox One controller but was subsequently removed after it caused issues with battery life for the controller.

Zulfi Alam stated that “We already have the ability to know what your emotion and heart-rate is, and that’s through the Kinect camera.”

Biometric sensors would have negatively impacted battery life so the move to put them in the Kinect sensor is a sensible one. It is also sensible in my opinion because it allows people to ditch the Biometric sensors if they aren’t comfortable with them because they can choose not to use the Kinect.

Microsoft has already announced that gamers can choose to use the Xbox One without the Kinect sensor if they wish. The Xbox One launches later on this year in November.

How do you feel about a sensor monitoring your Biometric information?

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One Response to “Microsoft Says Kinect Can Obtain Biometric Information Through Sensors”
  1. Wayne says:

    How about that, a so called game console that’s supposed to be a jack of all trades, even an ECG monitor. Maybe the XB 2 will have the ability to defibrillate and place a call to the EMS as well.

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