Microsoft Says Xbox 360 Headsets Will Work With One Via Adapter

/ 5 years ago


Microsoft’s support team has confirmed via Twitter that old Xbox 360 headsets will be able to work with the new Xbox One console with the simple use of an adapter. This adapter is currently being developed and produced by Microsoft and it will allow those who’d rather not buy a new headset or use the Kinect, to use their existing Xbox 360 headsets.

The Xbox One retail package does not include a retail headset and Microsoft says this is because Kinect sensor should be more than adequate for users looking to game and to talk with their friends whilst doing so. Despite Microsoft’s confidence in the capabilities of the Kinect sensor they will be producing an Xbox One headset which consumers can buy separately.

Either way expect more details to be released over the coming few weeks. We expect that the adapter will be made available very cheaply, to the tune of $/£/€ 5-10 and given a few months from launch there will probably be knock-offs or cheaper versions of these adapters available across eBay and Amazon. That said a lot of custom Xbox 360 headsets currently use adapters anyway to convert from 3.5mm to the Xbox connector so lets hope they provide the relevant adapters for those types of headsets too.

Image courtesy of Microsoft

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