Microsoft Says Xbox One’s Voice Chat Enhanced By Skype

/ 4 years ago


Microsoft says that its new voice chat system on the Xbox One will be superior to that used on the Xbox 360 because of the integrated Skype audio codec. Microsoft have put up audio files comparing the sound of the Xbox 360 headset to the Xbox One headset on their soundcloud channel. The comparison is done between the stock Xbox 360 included headset and the stock Xbox One included headset so obviously better headsets would have better quality but the implication is that like-for-like a headset should be better on the Xbox One over the Xbox 360.

Microsoft made a u-turn on its headset policy, when it was planning to not include one. After receiving customer feedback in abundance they decided to bundle one in with the Xbox One. Of course console gamers can decide for themselves if the Xbox One has better audio quality when they get hold of the $500 console some time later this year, believed to be November.

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