Microsoft Show Off New Xbox One Features At Comic-Con

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Comic-con has been full of surprises this week and Microsoft were there to further push their next-gen hardware to the eager gaming public. Major Nelson was on hand to discuss and demonstrate the hardware, included some features that we’ve been looking forward to seeing.

Project upload was used to show features from Las Vegas gaming event EVO where developers broke a 100+ win streak on the latest edition of Killer Instinct. We now know that the Xbox will record the last 5 minutes of gameplay and upon saying “Xbox record” the console will save out the last 30 seconds for you to upload at your convenience or to play back at a later time.

The Kinect is able to tell when you’ve passed the controller to another player and should their profile be loaded on the console it will automatically configure to their settings, no more worrying about inverted controllers being passed around to non-inverted players etc.

Aside from the regular rumble of the controller, two smaller rumble motors provide feedback for the analogue triggers, which Turn 10 Studios say is making people more confident and better drivers on Forza 5, as they can feel ABS and grip and other surface details that you wouldn’t normally get from the old controllers, but I guess this is one feature we’ll just have to try our selves to believe.

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The new Kinect is significantly more precise than the old model, allowing for a demonstration where a face was scanned into the game, mapped to the in-game model and this provides a much better likeness of yourself than the old gamer pic overlay feature would. Not only that but your face geometry and BMI can also be applied, creating a real-time likeness of yourself, but also providing real-time feedback of your facial expressions, an interesting feature for online gaming perhaps?

These are not game specific features either, these are all system level features that any game could take advantage of and it will be interesting to see how they are integrated over the coming months.

Thank you IGN for providing us with this information.

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  1. d6bmg says:

    All I can do for m$ is to pray for the good of xbox one. 😛
    (If you know what I mean)

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