Microsoft Slashing Windows 8 Device Retail Prices

/ 5 years ago


Microsoft are on a full out assault when it comes to their touch screen mobile devices, not only to pick up the slack of a slow market for hardware but also to reign in the slow sales of their Windows 8 OS. This battle with the high street starts by slashing prices by anything from $100 to $350 at retail, obviously dependent on what model and while most are still super expensive, any price cut is something that is going to be welcomed by consumers.

Microsoft wants to see an increase in popularity and of course sales of laptops, notebooks and ultrabook with touchscreen interfaces and this is proving to be quite a hard sell given the popularity of laptops and other smart devices which already have touch interfaces taking up much of the market, making it harder and harder for manufacturers to sell the much bigger and more expensive (in most cases) laptop solutions.

The Acer Aspire 7 has gone from $1649 to $1299, Sony’s Vaio T Series 13 $1299 to just $999 and many others have seen cuts too and I’m sure the cuts will help them shift a few extra devices but I’m not sure if its going to be enough to pick up the pace to where Microsoft wants the market to go, although maybe the release of Haswell and Windows 8.1 could help stem the slow sales and breath some new life into the mobile computing market.


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2 Responses to “Microsoft Slashing Windows 8 Device Retail Prices”
  1. ja_1410 says:

    Ain’t gonna help. Lemon is a lemon.

  2. ja_1410 says:

    Hmmm. Last time Apple lowered price of it’s iPad was for black Friday 2012. They lowered it by $40. Microsoft. Bring back start menu, not start button. You’ve got the mobile OS all wrong. Save the Windows for power users. Fire the Metro team ans start from scratch separate mobile OS. Copy Android, and make it open for anybody to install any application they want. You can have your store but do not make it exclusive. Forget Windows running on everything or you end up running on nothing.

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