Microsoft Still Offering Some Updates To XP Despite End Of Official Support

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Microsoft has already made it fairly clear that it wants all Windows XP users to migrate to a newer OS. This is for a number of reasons including the extra revenue that will generate, the fact newer operating systems are better and easier to develop updates for. That’s why Microsoft officially ended support for Windows XP on April 8th 2014, any other updates received will only be for customers who have purchased expensive extended support packages.

However, since the end of the support date Microsoft has already delivered a critical security patch designed to fix Internet Explorer problems on Windows XP. Furthermore, Microsoft also went ahead this month and delivered the June 2014 update to the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool for Windows XP users. Microsoft has also recently pledged that all computers running Windows XP and Microsoft Security Essentials at the time of retirement would also continue to receive updates. However, without operating system updates Microsoft is still leaving XP users vulnerable to security threats even if it is keeping other XP Microsoft software up to date.

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Source: McAkins Online, Via: Softpedia

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